July 13, 2017

2 Secrets For Awesome Self-Confidence During Your Photo Session


Photo sessions tend to be nerve-wracking for women, myself included. We judge ourselves harshly when preparing for a photo shoot and we can allow it to make a dent in our self-confidence. We look on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook and play the comparison game. I know because I am guilty of thinking the same way. Even though photography is my life, I rarely get in front of the camera! Recently I did my own photo shoot and I was plagued with nerves and self-doubt. Then I remembered my two secrets for bringing self-confidence to a photo shoot.

First, have a killer outfit – choose one or two outfits that you know just look amazing on you and you don’t have fidget and fuss with. I’ve written before about what to wear for a portrait sessions (read that post by clicking here) but now I’ll let you in on secret number two.

Yes, having a gorgeous outfit that you feel confident in is key for a great session but what will really put your confidence over the top is professional hair and makeup styling. If you’re anything like me, you feel like you can do an adequate job with daily hair and makeup styling but the idea of doing your own styling for a photo session is overwhelming.  The camera does pick up color and lighting a little differently than the human eye so you do indeed want to go heavier than normal. And if the idea of applying your own false eyelashes makes you shake in your stilettos then hand over the reins to the professionals! Through my job, I get to work with several hair and makeup artists that blow me away. Here are a few recommendations and examples of their work.

Ivy Boyd

Ivy is a ray of sunshine, killer beauty blogger and seriously talented makeup artist. Ask anyone around town whom they would recommend for makeup artistry and I guarantee her name comes up first. She does a great job of highlighting a woman’s natural beauty, while still using enough top-quality products to have a great result on camera.  Simply said, her work is just phenomenal.

Makeup artistry by Ivy Boyd

Trixie’s Salon

Tricia Rivas, the owner of Trixie’s Salon, is a passionate, artistic and joyful person to work with. Her Aveda-affiliated salon not only uses amazing Aveda products, but Tricia is also a freelance makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics and Toni & Guy Cosmetic Art Team. Tricia and her whole team are dedicated to helping women look and feel their very best through top-quality hair and makeup styling.

Hair and makeup artistry by Tricia Rivas (Trixie's Salon)

Professional hair and makeup services are worth their weight in gold. The pros (like Ivy and Tricia) know exactly what types of products will and won’t work on-camera and use professional-quality brands that will last the entirely of the session. I prefer hair and makeup styling to enhance natural beauty. Sometimes that means big barrel curls and bronzed cheeks.  Other times it means side-swept bangs and rosy lips. The experts know exactly what colors, techniques and products to use to bring out your natural radiance. While professional hair and makeup services are a must for any portrait sessions (seniors or glamour), I think it is always a good idea to invest in them for any photo session, even family sessions. You know the saying:

“When mama’s happy, everyone’s happy.”

(Super secret bonus: Since you’ll be all glammed up, after your photo session is an excellent time for your significant other to take you out on the town for dinner and drinks! Don’t keep all that beauty at home!)

So now you know two secrets to having awesome self-confidence at your photo session. When you take the time to invest in something for yourself, you want the best results possible. Great style from head to toe will certainly help, but I also look in the mirror and admire the wonderfully smart, strong, caring woman staring back at you. The confidence and beauty she has is inside you already!







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