October 29, 2017

The Russell Family Legacy


You might often hear me refer to “legacy photos” or “leaving behind a legacy you can touch” when I reference family or portrait sessions. The idea behind legacy photos is that someday your grandchildren will look at them and cherish the memories you shared together.

A dear friend and client of mine, Lisa, has allowed me the privilege of capturing her family for years and I’ve loved watching her little ones grow up! I asked Lisa to let me know why she chose to use me in the first place and why she continues to get family photos done year after year.

In Lisa’s Own Words

We first started working with Carolyn when our youngest child was 18 months old. I had been documenting her different stages by taking her to department store photographer. I grew frustrated as they put her in the same poses as they had my older children. After our first session with Carolyn, I was hooked. She caught the spirit of my daughter not by posing her but letting her be herself.  She suggested that at the same time she snap a couple of photos of Meredith with her brothers.  This started the tradition of annual photos.

It is so much fun to see how much the kids have changed over the years.  Hairstyles, glasses, braces, contacts, bruised legs from sports – Carolyn has captured it all. We’ve been in the studio, in our house and outside.  Each time if feels like she has captured exactly the right moment.

Russell Family 2012 Russell Family 2015

My husband and I have even popped into the pictures from time to time. It is so hard to choose! I love the group pictures along with the individual pictures. There is the picture of my husband laughing with our oldest.  Or, in a recent section, Carolyn captured the “secret” handshake between he and Meredith.

Legacy photos have taken a twist when we’ve hired Carolyn to capture my parents and my sisters and their families. From grandma and grandpa surrounded by the grand children at the cabin to fun in the snow-covered front yard, these pictures capture the fun and special times we’ve shared.

As we look to taking Ben’s senior pictures next year, I am grateful that I have all these photos that have captured the essence of my family.  I look forward to my continued partnership with Carolyn Vaughn Photography.

Russell Family 2017

This is why I love my job

I can’t believe how much these kids have grown up since 2008. I know my work is something Lisa can look back on today and remember when her children were so little that they still needed their mama to help them get ready in the morning. More importantly, these images are also something the Russell kids can cherish as they grow into adulthood. This is why I live and breathe legacy photos.







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