July 24, 2017

Why I Love the Des Moines Art Center


Confession: I am definitely NOT the only photographer who is in love with shooting at the beautiful Des Moines Art Center. There is a reason so many photographers tend to gravitate there and the proof is in the pictures. There are so many different areas at this venue that I can shoot multiple sessions there in a week and each will have a different look. There are wonderfully “woodsy” spots with fantastic foliage, the rose garden itself and multiple open areas that have a park-like feel to them. Just on the other side of the Des Moines Art Center is Greenwood Park, which boasts a beautiful amphitheater (perfect for large family groups) and a pond with a boardwalk for any water-loving couples.

The Rose Garden

Today I want to highlight the gorgeous Rose Garden behind the Des Moines Art Center. I recently spent some time there with the fabulous Vald family and I love the results! As strange as it may sound, summer time in Iowa doesn’t actually produce a ton of flowers. The Rose Garden is one of the few areas I can consistently count on during summer to have beautiful blooms. I love that just a little hint of color sneaks in to add a little more character. It also has unique stone pillars that add great visual interest to portraits. These pillars plus the cute archways and pergolas create pleasing, defined backgrounds. And I love the results!


The Vald’s (Roman, Christy, Olivia and Gabe) have been family friends for years since their son Gabe and my son Ludo became great friends. Christy understands the pain of watching our little boys turn into young men right before our eyes! I was so thrilled when she contacted me about doing a family session as often times family pictures go by the wayside as our children get older. Since I had the teenagers as captives for a few minutes I made sure to get a few images that Christy can cherish for years to come. Any mom will agree having pictures of your kiddos together is priceless.


One Special Location

While we had a great time at the Art Center, the place that the Vald’s cherish most is their own home. I am passionate about creating portraits that are meaningful to my clients and I love shooting at a space that is near and dear to their heart. Capturing someone in a space significant to them always produces a very special image.


So whether you need me to suggest a great photo shoot location or you have your own idea in mind, the most important thing is to get the session scheduled! My fall schedule books up fast so if you are thinking of an updated family session this fall or have a soon-to-be-graduate that needs their senior portraits scheduled, click on over to my Contact page and let’s chat!







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