So often moms are the behind-the-scenes warriors that are chauffeurs, chefs and coaches for their children’s passion projects. You do your part to document your child’s activities through hastily snapped iPhone photos and sigh in frustration when you get the dreaded “image storage full” warning on your screen. But when your children are grown, where will they see you in these images? What photographic legacy can you pass down through generations?

I believe you should celebrate your family as a whole and exist in the photos with your children. Any time is the right time to invest in a family session. Don’t wait for your schedule to get less busy (it won’t) or for your children to be less wild (they won’t). Let me capture your family in those authentic moments that are memories to treasure for years to come. Family sessions can be anything from maternity to newborn to toddlers to teens. I keep family sessions fun and comfortable and as a mom of twins, I’m used to the chaos that can come with organized family activities! Contact me today to get more information about family sessions.