Senior year is one of the most significant milestones in a child’s life. Excitement builds for each senior as the possibilities beyond the four walls of their high school quickly become reality. But behind each eager student, is a mom that has watched as her child learned to read, make friends, develop personal interests, struggle with some subjects and excel at others. You have been a tireless cheerleader, tutor and mentor for your child. They don’t even realize the sleepless nights of worry and the tears of sheer joy you’ve experienced over the years to get them to this place in life.

Senior sessions are the time to celebrate the culmination of all you and your child have worked for over the past 17 years. For each senior session, we will have a consultation meeting so I can learn about your child’s passions and work together to create a plan of location, outfit and personal interest choices that will leave both mom and senior feeling excited and confident about the session. In the end, you will have a variety of fine art matted prints and legacy albums to choose from to display in your home. Contact me today to get more information about senior sessions.