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September 10, 2017

Celebrating a Legacy of Loved Ones


Happy Grandparent’s Day! This is one of those fun national “holidays” that I fully support. Today I had to share a few collections of photos that not only celebrate grandparents but also their legacy of loved ones.

So often a family photo session will consist of mom + dad + little kids. As the kids get older (and schedules get more hectic) often times family photos fall by the wayside. Even less often do families plan an extended family shoot that includes the grandparents. Extended family shoots are an amazing way to create a photographic legacy of your family tree. (And… I’ve never met a grandparent who didn’t want more pictures of their grandkids!) Getting grandparents in the photos with their children and grandchildren gives the whole family a tangible memory they can carry with them through the years.


Whether close by or an airplane ride away, take a moment today to tell the grandparents in your life that you are thinking of them and thankful for the wonderful family they’ve created.



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