I’ve been a photographer for a long time – and I am extremely lucky because my job is to take pictures – to be creative, find fresh ideas and, as a bonus, meet and foster relationships with interesting people. It is never dull, and it’s never the same.

After graduating with a degree in photography and graphic design, I traveled and worked my way around Europe and Africa. I actually chose to travel for much of it on my own because I was dying to connect with people from other countries. I learned to be a savvy traveler who connected with my others also on the road, mostly Australians and New Zealanders. We shared our stories, discovered we had a lot in common – and that families are pretty much the same everywhere.

Eventually, I landed in New York City and began my career as a food and still life photographer. I met and married my husband there, ran an in-house photo studio at a large design agency for seven years, traveled with my husband around the world for five more months and then, in 2001, we welcomed our twins with love and joy.

We knew we wanted to raise our kids in a smaller city, but it was still a surprise when we settled in my husband’s hometown of Des Moines. I’m a Connecticut Yankee and admit I didn’t know very much about the Midwest. But I’ve learned a lot – and I love Iowa! The big skies over corn fields on county roads still take my breath away. I love our neighborhood and I love that my kids get to be kids. Des Moines has changed so much in the years I’ve lived here – and it’s still growing.

After my twins were born, it was a natural progression to start making portraits of people. I’ll admit I love the details and control of still life and interior photography, but I discovered I also really love the spontaneity and nuances of photographing people.