May 26, 2017

10 Tips on What to Wear for Elegant Studio Portraits


A great outfit that you feel confident in can make all the difference in the outcome of your photo shoot. Below are my tried and true formulas for studio portrait sessions, as well as some examples of clients who really knocked it out of the park!



Choose clothes that are flattering to your body shape

Aim for body skimming/tighter cut tops over loose, flowy tops. The loose, flowy look doesn’t always translate well on camera and can make you appear bigger.

Find pieces that show off your most feminine features (décolletage, collarbones, shoulders, wrists, ankles)


Neutrals and blacks work wonderfully. Always.

When bringing in colors try to keep them either soft (think blush or soft gray) or deep (think navy)

All over color is slimming and pleasing to the eye


Choose pieces that have interesting texture such as sequins, lace, pleats or interesting embellishments

Silk, chiffon, linen and fine-gauge knit all look lovely on camera


Heels will always make you feel fabulous

Keep your accessories simple and understated


Once you have the perfect outfit, I arrange a hair and make-up artist to enhance your natural beauty. (And really, who doesn’t like getting the Cindy Crawford treatment every once and a while?)

Professional hair and make-up + stunning outfits + confidence = sophisticated, heirloom imagery you can cherish for years to come. I hope these 10 tips on what to wear for elegant studio portraits, helps take the guess work out of preparing for your next session. If you need more ideas, you can always visit my Pinterest page for more inspiration.


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